Our Story

Having been an end user of light gauge metal trusses, the primary ownership of Trigon Steel Components, Inc. knows what consists of a complete metal truss package.  By installing trusses from many different manufacturers on countless projects around the country for more than 15 years, we can provide honest, trade proven input as to what can be done better, more efficient, offer cost effective ways to design your project.

This experience allows us to work closely with the installer by understanding what they require to install our products in a safe and efficient manner.

Since the main portion of our experience comes from working in the field, with other manufacturer’s products; we design with the end installation in mind.  We want to make our product as user friendly and easy to install as we can; providing a positive user experience that saves time and money overall.

At Trigon Steel, we look to provide a positive and complete customer experience with each and every project we are a part of.  We want to be your first choice in light gauge metal trusses. We look forward to the next opportunity that arises where we can be your partner in the light gauge truss industry and work with you and your team.

Sales & Estimating

Cortney Sluiter

Cortney manages the Sales and Estimating departments within Trigon Steel.
Bringing over 10 years of light gauge metal truss manufacturing and sales experience,
he offers a first-hand account of what makes for a competitive proposal and manufacturing
efficiency otherwise unexplored.

Design & Project Management

Isaac Koert

Isaac heads up the Project Management aspects of Trigon Steel. He brings over 10 years field experience within the light gauge metal truss industry performing and managing all aspects of truss installations across the country with a focus on craftsmanship and customer relations. He currently resides in Zeeland, Michigan with his wife Kayla near the corporate facilities.

Truss Detail & Design

Gary Van Huis

Gary boasts over 25 years of structural and miscellaneous steel detailing experience, and holds his SDS/2 Certification. He enjoys hiking, fishing, and woodworking as hobbies.

Truss Detail & Design

Alec Bobko

Alec brings over 5 years of customer service experience to the Trigon team. He lives in a small town northeast of Grand Rapids, where he enjoys golfing in his spare time.